Your website is just the first step through the door and into the online world. Just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean that people can see it, or even know it exists. Just like for your business, steps need to be taken to market the site. This is important for:

Awareness – educate your existing clients about your website so they can visit it
Visibility – make your website easily found so that new people are constantly pointed in your direction
Status – build an online reputation for your business so that you can enjoy the benefits of privileged status on the web
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5th Avenue Style ECommerce website

April 16, 2015

5th Avenue Style commissioned us to create their entire branding, photography as well as their website. Their website uses WordPress and WooCommerce to sell their subscription and retain products with a simplicity of a few clicks.

  • screenshot
  • 5avenue-blog
  • 5avenue-deluxebox

Chadd Bell Website

April 16, 2015

Description: This project was commissioned by Chadd’s friend as a gift. The main goal of the website is to represent Chadd’s make up services in a form of a portfolio. The stunning photographs (that were provided by the client) and high quality of Mr. Bell’s work made it easy to showcase it and make it stand out.

  • chaddbell3
  • chaddbell4
  • chaddbell1
  • chaddbell website UX/UI design

April 16, 2015

This website was created with a high end, completely custom website design for a shipping company. The design was focused on clean look and simplicity of use.

  • shipping-quote
  • dashboard

Lollitot Blog

April 16, 2015

This was one of our favorite projects to work on! With a colorful color scheme and a fun topic, this project was a delight to work on. This website is built using a custom designed blog theme powered by WordPress.

  • lollitot-home
  • lollitot-category
  • lollitot-post

Creative Finishes Portfolio Website

April 16, 2015

Creative Finishes website was a fun website to work with. Their work speaks for itself – beautiful restorations make it easy to make their website look appealing! This website is done with WordPress for ease of portfolio updates.

  • creativefinishes-home
  • creativefinishes-project
  • creativefinishes-contentpage

Kalu ECommerce Website

April 16, 2015

KALU commissioned a bright, playful, memorable website for selling their high quality hair accessories, which we achieved with the help of WordPress and Woocommerce. The website uses a merchant account to process payment safely and securely on the website itself without any other 3rd parties involved. The site was custom designed completely to the client’s specifications. We also photographed all of KALU’s products that are currently displayed on the website.

  • kalu
  • kalu4
  • kalu3
  • kalu2

Conquete Boutique Website

April 16, 2015

This client was referred to us by another long-standing client. Conquette Boutique is located in Chelsea, Manhattan, NY. The client wanted to increase their online visibility, therefore we created a custom built, custom designed website. The client provided amazing images of their products, which always makes it easier to represent them online.

  • conquette
  • products
  • about
  • contact

SpillDaBeanz Blog

April 16, 2015

SpillDaBeanz is an edgy entertainment blog with an attitude that delivers music industry news on a regular basis. This blog was originally hosted on one of the free platforms that do not provide much flexibility to the blog owner. When SpillDaBeanz came to us, they knew exactly what they wanted and we delivered a bright, spunky, difficult to forget blog experience.

  • spilldabeanz

Morgan Shipping Website Design

April 16, 2015

Morgan Shipping is a company that means business and they want to make sure their website communicates just that. With hundreds of pages full of valuable content, this shipping mogul is not going to go unnoticed. Before we got involved with the website, Morgan has been trying to put together their website for quite some time, the company just needed to find the right designer to do so. We worked together with Morgan’s team of concept builders, content writers, designers as well as developers to put together this massive source of information for people who look to ship and insure their household goods overseas.

  • morgan
  • morgan2
  • morgan3
  • morgan5
  • morgan4

Online Dating Makeover Website Design and Development

April 16, 2015

ODM client approached us to create a light, clean website for their online dating consulting business, which we accomplished by building a simple, yet custom HTML website with a heart. This project was one of the most fun projects to work with both because of the subject matter as well as a great client with a wonderful attitude.

  • dating
  • dating1